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Want to get back to normal living after a sports injury, arthritis, asthma, stroke attack? Try out Physiotherapy...

Fortumedi Emergency Hospital is one of the best Physiotherapy Hospitals in Patna, Bihar with all the latest equipment, and a team of highly qualified, skilled, and experienced professionals. We provide high quality, professional, evidence-based rehabilitation services at affordable charges for In and Out-patient.

An integrated and cohesive approach to patient care is what the department has to offer initially. Fortumedi Emergency Hospital is the most affordable Physiotherapy Hospital which helps to cure back pain and sudden injuries like twists and sprains in a sporting event, chronic disorders, arthritis, stroke, women’s health, wound care, neurological rehabilitation, etc., through physical interventions. Fortumedi Emergency Hospital is the best Physiotherapy Hospital in Patnaspecializes in orthopedic, Neurological, and Sports Injury Care.

At our center, Physiotherapists help people to restart their work-life by restoring their strength and functioning of the body and helps manage problems like pain, immobility, etc. through physical exercises, massages, and acupuncture. Fortumedi Emergency Hospital offers warm and agreeable assistance, planning to improve your personal satisfaction by lessening pain, expanding versatility, or restoring you back to your preferred game. The mission of Fortumedi Emergency Hospital is the alleviation of pain, impairment, and disability through a therapy.

It is our endeavor to achieve success in our mission through professional care based on the principles of research and evidence-based practice. A variety of physiotherapy techniques are customized to suit different requirements after assessing the various needs of each patient. We are committed to providing comprehensive and personalized training programs for each patient. We are providing physiotherapy treatment in all areas of modern medicine and it is responsible for providing the best physiotherapeutic treatment in Patna to both pre-operation and post-operation to the patients.

Fortumedi Emergency Hospital believes that patient education plays a very important part of delivering excellence in medical services. So Fortumedi Emergency Hospital makes it a priority to incorporate patient education in the rehabilitation routines of the patients.