Pharmacy Center

About Department


Pharmacy is a health science, which is a combination of both aspects of clinical science and chemistry. The combination is used for creating various types of medications and drugs. Pharmacists practicing in the pharmacy center of Fortumedi emergency hospitals have sound knowledge of drugs, its action, adverse effect, toxicity, combination with other drugs, and so on. In addition to this, they also hold a clear understanding of pathology and the mode of treatment. The scope of pharmacy practice requires both traditional approaches and a modern approach.

The traditional approach includes compounding and dosage of medication and modern approach clinical services and healthcare. The pharmacy of Fortumedi emergency hospital is considered as the best pharmacy center in Patna because the pharmacist here make use of their knowledge and experience and suggest simple drugs in optimum dosage for better health benefits. They maintain a huge stock of different varieties of drugs. This ensures the availability of a drug that will best suit the health requirement of the patient (as a delay of drugs can lead to health complications).

Secondly, the best pharmacy center also keeps a proper record of the expiration date of all their drugs. This way they ensure that all the drugs or medicines that are about to expire soon are removed from the stock. Patients must also check the expiration details of the drug before consuming the drug.

Fortumedi hospital only appoints pharmacist with good experience and knowledge. They never compromise on that, to ensure only experts handle the dealing of medicines. The pharmacy center of this hospital not only provide medicines to patients who are admitted in the hospital but also to outside patients who look for over the counter medications for general health problems like cold, cough, fever, body ache, etc. All the aspects discussed above undoubtedly makes the pharmacy of Fortumedi hospital and of the best in the town.